About Cré

Cré Hair Studio is a full service hair salon established in 2010 in beautiful Highland, California.

Simply put, our goal is to make you look and feel amazing! Your experience from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave is the most important thing to us. We want you to be able to walk through our doors and escape reality for a while!

All of our stylists pride themselves on providing you with great service and a great experience, too. Through continued education and continued improvement in our technique we will help you look and feel your best.

All of our services start with an in depth consultation. During your service you will be able to relax with our complimentary value added services. What does that mean? Every haircut begins with a complimentary relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder treatment and when you receive a color service, you will receive a complimentary hand treatment while you are processing. Your time at the shampoo bowl is an experience all in itself! We finish your service with a relaxing style and a complimentary makeup touch up to our guests who would like to experience our amazing makeup!

Cré Hair Studio is also an Aveda Concept Salon. Being an Aveda concept salon means that all of the products used throughout your experience are made with pure plant and flower essences. Not only do our products do what they say they are going to do but the aroma adds a whole other element to your experience. It is not uncommon for us to hear several times a day as people walk through our door, "Mmmm... it smells like Aveda!"

If you want to continue to "smell like Aveda" after your service, we invite you to spend some time browsing our beautiful shelves full of Aveda products. Our team members can help you choose what products you would like to take home to continue your experience after you leave.

If you have any questions please stop by anytime! We always have Aveda Comforting Tea and Coffee ready for you when you get here. We would love to talk with you!

We hope to see you soon!

Heather Mogel, Owner

We Are Not Commission

At Cré Hair Studio, we strive to provide our guests with an incredible experience every time they walk through our door. We've asked our guests what they enjoy the most about our studio and hands down they say the atmosphere. They love that we are friendly and authentic! We'd like to share with you how we achieve such an amazing atmosphere. We don't pay commission....ever! We know this sounds so much different than what you are used to hearing about other salons. But, that is exactly what makes us different!

Our team is not comprised of independent contractors and they are not paid commissions on services OR products. So...you may be wondering; how DO they get paid!? They are paid an hourly wage just like they would if they worked in any other company. They receive performance reviews and wage reviewss..just like other companies. They make money whether they are busy with a guest or not becuase we believe that every team member brings value to our business with their minds just as much as they do with their hands. Every team member contributes to the success of Cré in a multitude of ways.

So, when you walk through our doors at Cré Hair Studio, you are greeted by a true team. Every one of our team members is there to create an exceptional experience for you, no matter who you are receiving your service from!

Another great thing about a team based salon is that you can go to any stylist you want and you will never be treated poorly by anyone on our team! In fact, we encourage our guests to get comfortable with everyone on our team. Our team members have TONS of interests outside of work, including love for travel, side businesses, time with family, volunteering and mission work; and they love knowing that they have a team backing them up when they need to take time off! Team based structures also make appointment booking extremely flexible and convenient for our guests who are willing to see multiple stylists. So, feel free to book with whomever you want at Cré!

One last note about the difference you will experience while at Cré Hair Studio; our team is absolutely authentic. The fact that they do not receive commission on products and services they offer is proof of this. When they suggest a service or treatment, they are doing so because they believe our guests need it. And then they use Aveda product on a guest and recommend it for at home use, they truly believe it will add value to that guest and allow that guest to recreate their new look at home. It is as simple as that!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about how we create an authentic and friendly atmosphere at Cré Hair Studio. We thank you for your support of our local, family owned business and we can't wait to see you soon!

Guarantee: We guarantee our work. If we do not deliver what was discussed and promised, please let us know within two weeks and we will make every attempt to make sure you are happy with the end result. If we can't deliver happiness, we will give you your money back, so that you can find a salon that is able to meet your needs.

Our purpose is to enhance and educate all to enjoy their natural state of being, wellness and balance.

Cré Hair Studio

28938 Greenspot Road

Highland, CA 92346

909.864.4331 E-mail Us

Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 6pm
Thursday9am - 6pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday9am - 3pm

Appointments may be made later upon request.

We kindly request a 48 hour notice prior to cancelling any appointment to avoid any future pre-payment

Any appointment that is late by 15 minutes may be marked as a no-show